WP5 RIS3 Governance

1. S3 Platform and RIS3 Monitoring

The concept of smart specialization requires the reshaping of the business framework and the rethinking of the doing business mentality at the local and regional level to match the changing practices at a global level. In order for changes to occur first knowledge needs to disseminate to the stakeholders in the local and regional level. The new way of thinking and doing needs to be endorsed and supported at all levels of the community, thus cooperation and networking needs to be set up and implemented. The action will implement the Creation and administration of an open cross border S3 Platform that will be created by RCM and updated by all partners gathering data from all stakeholders and resources. The platform will be the monitoring and measurement system for the Greek and Bulgarian regions and provide data and information from stakeholders for the S3 Platform and RIS3 Monitoring platform. LP will create the S3 platform and manage the data collected from all the stakeholders and will feed data to the S3 and RIS3 platforms and will invite all appropriate related stakeholders to provide data. PP4 will create the RIS3 Monitoring platform with observatory data gathering from all stakeholders as a bridge project to the next programming period. PP7 will feed data to the S3 and RIS3 platforms and will invite all appropriate related stakeholders to provide data.

2. RIS3 Forum - Urban Development

It is imperative that all stakeholders create a binding commitment to support the RIS3 strategy throughout the programming period in order to be able to have measurable results. For this reason a Memorandum of Cooperation between partners and stakeholders following the publication of the regional and national strategies - RIS3 will be set up. The result oriented implementation of the smart specialization strategy is an ongoing process that requires frequent modifications to be up to date with the constant business development changes. In order for the information regarding failed attempts and best practices to be common knowledge a Forum for an open to all social and political partners of smart specialization will be set up. The Forum will be including issues on social innovation, urban development, social exclusion and public consultation. The Partners will take part in the public dialogue and formation for the creation of a Memorandum of Cooperation and the implementation of the action needed to support the implementation of RIS3 objectives. To this effect the Partner will invite the stakeholders it deems necessary to participate to the RIS3 Forum.

In this action the project will also try to connect Smart Specialization with Local Governance to this effect the deliverable will be a study linking the objectives of smart specialization to the duties and responsibilities of local government and how local government and local stakeholders can utilize smart specialization practices to create a better management system. In addition seminars will be held by local authority stakeholders to other local authorities in both regions for the broad application of smart specialization priorities and objectives also. PP5 will provide feedback of the smart specialization objectives and policies from the local governance to the policy makers through a process of open dialogue with selected representatives of local governance.