Project Management Committee

Project Management and coordination ensures an effective implementation of the project activities and the development of an efficient monitoring and coordination system. LP is responsible for proper project transnational management, day-to-day activities execution and ensures an efficient and correct operability of the funding flow management of the project partners. LP1 is also responsible for the setting up of the Project Management Committee, which aims at guaranteeing the effectiveness and efficiency of the project, a shared communication and coordination system, and the support to partners in the content-wise activities in order to achieve the objectives agreed. According to approved Application Form, under Working Package 1: “Management and Coordination”, LP1 should establish and coordinate the Project Management Committee (PMC), under Deliverable 1.2.1, for the prompt implementation and coordination of the SMART SPEC project, in order for decision making and project activities to be facilitated and coordinated.

The Project Management Committee, herein after referred to as PMC, will be responsible for the realization and facilitation of project works, as following:

  • overall project management
  • decision making
  • monitoring of the project activities
  • coordinated efforts of all involved parties and stakeholders

In addition a scientific committee will be established by the LP in order to assist and monitor with the scientific aspect of Smart Specialization theory and its undergoing modifications through the programming period in the lifetime of the project.