Organizational Structure of the Partnership

For the successful management of the partnership and completion of the Programme, a Management Team will be set up. The Management Team will be responsible for monitoring the implementation of the project. The Management Team will report to the JTS/Managing Authority and be chaired by the Lead Partner . Its members shall include the Lead Partner and project partners. The Management Team shall meet on a defined basis. The JTS/MA can also be invited to attend the meetings.

The Management Team will have the authority to delegate specific tasks or responsibilities to such sub-committees or working groups as it shall deem appropriate to establish.

Upon the start of the project, the Leader Partner will proceed in setting up an effective Project Management Committee (PMC) by appointing a Project Manager.

The Project Manager (PM) responsibilities include:

  • Implementation of PMC’s decisions and day-to-day management of the project
  • Strategic management of the project, including all negotiations with the Commission
  • Practical management/coordination of the project which includes detailed planning and monitoring of work and deliverables, including workshops, responsibility for submission of progress reports, management reports, financial reports etc
  • Administrative support functions such as arranging meetings, provision of minutes, co-ordination of cost statements and transfer of funds from Commission to partners, maintenance of a project calendar, maintenance of project procedures, etc.
  • Constant verification and adjustment of the project progress
  • Preparation of quality plan and execution of quality reviews
  • Report to the Management Team about the project implementation, whenever it is considered necessary.

The Administrative Manager (AM), who is responsible for the financial management of the project and also for supporting the PM in the preparation of project reporting.

The Work-Package Leaders (WPL), who are overall responsible for the work under the WP they are responsible for.

The Activity Leaders (AL) per partner, who are responsible for the successful and smooth elaboration of the partners’ activities. A partner may appoint one AL per task/deliverable or one AL for a group of tasks/deliverables.

AL’s are solely responsible for the work that is undertaken by the partner they represent and not for other partners' work under the same task.

Quality control is equally performed at three stages against the specifications of each deliverable.

1st stage by the AL,

2nd stage by the Scientific Management Committee and

final check by the PM.

Internal communication is carried out through: (i) Project meetings, (ii) email communication, (iii) through teleconference / videoconference (e.g. through Skype).