Newsletter 3

22 Oct 2015



The final conference will be held at the end of October in Thessaloniki. All the partners of the project as well as other stakeholders are going to participate in it. During the conference the participating actors from both countries will sign the Memorandum of Cooperation and letter of Intent for Cooperation.





Subject of Memorandum:


The Lead Partner and all the other partners define the rules of procedure regarding the work to be carried out for the continuation of the specified project activities and their duties and obligations in order to proceed successfully to further maintenance actions that will be equally distributed among the participating partners. Goals and criteria will be determined in order to continue to distribute the Project’s quality actions.



EU 2020 Key priorities: 

  • Smart growth, through more effective investments in education, research and innovation

  • Sustainable growth, thanks to a decisive move towards a low-carbon economy

  • Inclusive growth, with a strong emphasis on job creation and poverty reduction



EU 2020 Key targets:

  1. Employment

75% of the 20-64 year-olds to be employed

  1. R&D

3% of the EU's GDP to be invested in R&D

  1. Climate change and energy sustainability

greenhouse gas emissions 20% (or even 30%, if the conditions are right) lower than 1990

20% of energy from renewables

20% increase in energy efficiency

  1. Education

Reducing the rates of early school leaving below 10%

at least 40% of 30-34–year-olds completing third level education

  1. Fighting poverty and social exclusion

at least 20 million fewer people in or at risk of poverty and social exclusion


Duration of the Agreement

It shall remain in force for a minimum of 2(two) since it is signed by all partners


Letter of Intent for cooperation

SME’s, public authorities, NGO’s, stakeholders and research units from both countries sign the letter of cooperation in order to declare their interest for future cooperation in support to the implementation of Smart Specialization strategy RIS3 for social innovation, urban development, social inclusion and public consultation.

Cooperation aims to establish joint efforts towards building a favorable business environment, stimulate innovation activity among SMEs, public and civil sector, increasing the competitiveness of local businesses, overcoming economic backwardness and the creation of conditions for transition to economy based on knowledge.