Newsletter 2

22 Oct 2015

Partner: Thessaloniki chamber of Commerce and Industry



Α) Study on the effects of on-going policies to improve competitiveness in the Regions of Central Macedonia and East Macedonia & Thrace


The study intends to summarize the following:


1. The experience in project implementation of the NSRF 2007-2013, concerning the promotion of entrepreneurship, competitiveness and innovation in transnational and cross-border level is studied, in order to highlight good practices that can be used in the formulation of policies that incorporate RIS3 strategies.

2. The agreement of the new NSRF 2014-2020 with the strategic objectives of smart specialization of these Regions is being assessed in advance (ex ante evaluation).

3. The current status of the sectors which are selected by the 4 Regions in the framework of their RIS3 strategies is being recorded and measures to improve competitiveness in those sectors will be suggested.

4. A study about the operational programmes and other measures to enhance the entrepreneurship of the 2007 – 2013 programming period in the above mentioned regions is being elaborated. The study will investigate the effectiveness of these programs in terms of improved competitiveness in these areas and then identify best practices servicing RIS3 targets of the four Regions. This particular point is the subject of this study and is discussed in detail below.

5. The results of the studies to stakeholders in the four Regions mentioned above, are presented.


B) Seminars for the business community

In particular, the preparation and implementation of the seminars include the following:

1. organizing two one-day seminar for local business community of Thessaloniki and the rest of Central Macedonia concerning the advantages of the "Smart Specialisation"
2. Set the seminar’s thematic objects
3. determination of groups - targets
4. identification of business profile or specific companies which would be interested to participate
5. Planning of information campaign for the local business community
6. Monitoring and evaluation of seminars


Partner: URENIO



A) Workshop regarding the proposed policies in RIS3 strategy on the Region of Central Macedonia


Structure of the RIS3 regional report:

  1. Investment priority 1a: Strengthening research and innovation infrastructures

  2. Investment priority 1b: Promoting business investment in R&D

  3. Investment priority 2a: Extension of the development of broadband services and networks

  4. Investment priority 2b: Development of ICT Product and services

  5. Investment priority 3a: Promotion of entrepreneurship by exploiting new ideas

  6. Investment priority 3b: Creation of advanced skills to develop products and services

  7. Investment priority 3c: Support capacity of SMEs to engage in innovation processes




The development vision of the country for 2014-2020 is "the rebirth of Greek economy by upgrading the country's productive and social sector, by creating and maintaining sustainable jobs, having as a basis the extrovert, innovative and competitive entrepreneurship and as a goal the strengthening of social cohesion and principles sustainable development”.

The Vision of the Region of Central Macedonia is up to 2025 to become center innovation for the wider region of South East Europe through the maintenance and strengthening of important Human Capital with competent skills in matters of research and technological development, to develop innovative environment aimed at ending the crisis and creating new jobs, based on innovation, competitiveness and extroversion.