The Project Activities include three types of Actions

1. Smart Specialization Supportive studies

Technical Support Task Force teams will assist the two counties both scientifically and technically to implement the RIS3 strategy to address their main issues and difficulties.

Cross Border Coordination study will take into consideration the priorities and objectives of the CBC Programs, the research initiatives and will outline proposals for cooperation.

Region Support Studies will be drafted for the eligible areas in Greece and Bulgaria

  • Evaluation of 2007 – 2013 NSFP Policies and Practices.
  • RIS3 Priority Sectoral Studies will provide in depth analysis of the three most prominent sectors for specialization policies.
  • Ongoing Policy Results Studies will follow the results of the regional strategies.
  • Strategy Workshops, will create cross border and interregional cooperation opportunities

2. Employment intensive Actions

Training and Consulting will be offered to businesses of the eligible area with a range of tools that the new digital era offers.

Entrepreneurship Awards offer a way out for young people with innovative ideas to utilize innovative policies such as smart specialization and also to create business bonds and ventures between the two countries.

Mobility Know-How Transfer will assist the intense mobility in the Greek – Bulgarian borders to reach a higher level of knowledge transfer.

3. RIS3 Governance Actions

S3 Platform and M3 Platform will offer the tools for networking, exchange of ideas, monitoring and evaluation endorsed and supported at all levels of the community.

RIS3 Forum - Urban Development will result in a Memorandum of Cooperation and a RIS3 Forum between partners and stakeholders following the publication of the regional and national strategies.

The results of Smart Specialization project activities can be summarized as:

  • Promotion of employment
  • Local Initiatives for Employment
  • Development of business infrastructure and activities
  • Restructuring of the local economy

By utilizing

  • Thematic knowledge accumulation and development of technological poles
  • Exploring innovative issues in specific thematic areas of the market that play an important role in shaping a dynamic perspective on entrepreneurship
  • Supporting the collective entrepreneurial effort in cooperation of public and private sectors, providing horizontal support to the innovation process
  • Launch pilot actions with immediate results will strengthen the spirit of innovation in cross border area
  • Configuration policies that will form the basis for developing a strategy in the new programming period oriented in innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Horizontal measures to support the development of innovative dynamics
  • Support measures for business planning and innovation management
  • Progress of technological poles and knowledge transfer mechanisms Innovation campaigns
  • Direct investments as a result of networking efforts.