Newsletter 1

22 Oct 2015

Brief description of the project
The Strategic Project "Smart Specialization" is implemented under Territorial Cooperation Programme "Greece - Bulgaria 2007-2013"



The overall objective of the Programme 'Greece - Bulgaria' is to promote cross-border region by ensuring regional cohesion and boost competitiveness. In this context, the Strategic Project aims to develop a common Regional Plan of Smart Specialisation for the cross-border region in pursuit of Specific Objective 3.2: Encouragement of entrepreneurship and actions that cope with the restructuring of the Economy.

The Strategic Project comprises five distinct but interrelated work-packages, each of which incorporates clear and specific actions. In particular, the Work Packages are summarized as follows:

1. Administration, Management and Coordination of the Project
2. Communication Actions and Dissemination of Project Results
3. On Going Support on RIS Policies
4. Employment Intensive Actions
5. RIS3 Governance


Work Packages 3, 4 and 5 deliverables analysis:

  • WP3 Ongoing Support on RIS Policies

  • Technical Specification Work Packages

  • Technical Support Task Force

  • Cross Border Coordination

  • Region Support Studies

  • WP: 4 Employment intensive Actions

  • Training and Consulting

  • Entrepreneurship Awards

  • Mobility Know-How Transfer

  • WP: 5. RIS3 Governance

  • S3 Platform and RIS3 Monitoring

  • RIS3 Forum - Urban Development




  1. Region of Central Macedonia (head)

  2. Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace

  3. Commerce and Industry Chamber of Thessaloniki (TCCI)

  4. AUTH - Special Account for Research Grants – URENIO

  5. Municipality Kordelio – Evosmos

  6. Commerce and Industry Chamber of Drama

  7. Regional Municipalities Association "Maritza" (Bulgaria)

  8. Business Incubator - GotseDelchev (Bulgaria)

  9. Chamber of Commerce of Blagoevgrad (Bulgaria)

  10. Centre for Information and Support of Entrepreneurship - Sandanski (Bulgaria)



Contribution of Commerce and Industry of Thessaloniki (PP3) to the project:


• Participation in 4 meetings
• Contribution to the progress reports
• Creation and distribution of information material in the Central Macedonia region
• Website development, development of social media strategy, video production and newsletters
• Host of two seminars for the business community of Thessaloniki
• Participation in the Final Conference
• Assign a study on the effects of current policies to improve competitiveness in Central Macedonia and Eastern Macedonia & Thrace
• Provide Consulting services for smart specialization in the business community in Central Macedonia
• Participation in the Memorandum of Cooperation